About Us

We started Moondragon Cards in 2005 in answer to the frustration of not being able to find cards celebrating the Pagan festival of Yule (as opposed to the Christian festival of Christmas). When we started sourcing the cards we realised there were hundreds of lovely cards rarely found on the High Street which would really appeal to both the pagan community and those who appreciate fantasy and fairy art.
Since then we've expanded our range to include less exotic themes which our customers love, and in many cases we're buying directly from the artist themselves, enabling them to create more beautiful art.
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If you have any suggestions for products you'd like us to stock (whether you're a customer or an artist!), we'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!
Linda and Steven


Did you know? Artists with work featured on Moondragon receive royalties when their cards and prints are sold. All our cards and prints are produced in the UK, and in some instances we're buying directly from the artist themselves. By buying from us, not only are you helping us put food on our table, but you're putting food on the table of our artists too!