Beautiful new mystical cards by Amanda Clark :)

amanda-clark nature pagan

These beautiful new cards from the talented Amanda Clark have just arrived. We love her work (as do many of our customers) so we're pleased to add a new selection for your temptation :) We also have two multipacks of smaller-sized notecards for when you just need to include a little note with something.

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 A white wolf sits in one corner, head raised upwards and mouth open. A long curving plant stem flows from its mouth, culminating in large purple flowers. Butterflies flit around the flowers. Stems and branches of plants and trees can be seen all around, and a full moon shines overhead. Overall colours are blues, purples, greens and white. A brown bear sits amongst leaves and flowers. Flowing branches sit like a crown on its head. In the background, pine trees are lit by a misty full moon. Overall colours are blues, greens and browns.
An owl with a white face and chest, and dark blue speckled head and wings sits on a branch at night. A full moon shines in the distance. The leaves, clouds and sky are cast in a purple-blue light. Three white deer run past at the bottom of a hill, beyond which a full moon rises and lends a glow to the trees and hills. Flowers and tree branches frame the view.
A white horse with branches for a mane looks down toward a brown hare standing on its hind legs and stretching up looking up towards the horse. They appear to be in communication. Large white flowers and brown branches spread across the bottom of the design. A blackbird sits on a branch. A midnight sky dotted with stars can be seen above. A full moon glows gently, and there are many birds in flight.

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