Beautiful new pagan/nature-themed cards :)

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If you've visited this website in the last week or so you may have noticed the arrival of a new range of cards and gifts by pagan artist Naomi Cornock. There are eight beautiful card designs, which you can also buy as gifts, and nine additional designs which are only available as gifts (we'll show these off in another post).

Now you know where to find the perfect cards and gifts for your nature-loving and pagan friends :)

Click here to buy Naomi's cards

A large flock of ravens sit on and fly around a drystone wall surrounded by yellow-green grassy fields. The blue sky is broken with white clouds. In the foreground a raven holds a string of tokens in its beak, including a pentagram, key and Teiwaz rune. A meadow of green foliage and yellow, blue, pink and purple flowers rises towards a blue sky in the distance. A bee descends towards a central yellow flower. Another bee is already sitting in the middle of it. At the bottom, a fairy with orange hair and bee-coloured dress sleeps while holding a bee. Birds, mice and insects including butterflies are scattered throughout.
Four owls sit on the branch of a tree looking towards the viewer. One owl at the end has his head tilted sideways. Brown leaves splay down from above and a full moon shines behind them. Clouties and other offerings are wrapped around a branch below them. The head and body of two hares, one sitting upright facing to the left, the other, head down, facing right. They're in a meadow full of flowers, berries, butterflies, bees and dragonflies. Behind them a full moon rises surrounded by wispy, swirly clouds.
It's night-time and three hedgehogs are playing in a flowerbed. One sits amongst orange and red blooms. Behind him, one is climbing out of a large watering can and another peers over an upturned flower pot. Blue moths sit on the watering can and flitter overhead. A full moon shines in the night sky. The head of a red fox looks towards the viewer. He's surrounded by a mass of leaves and flowers which rise out from a twisted tree trunk and tangled branches. Figures dance around the base of the tree.
A brown otter curls as he frolicks in the dark water. He's surrounded by fish, bubbles and swirls. A triple moon appears at the top, flanked by a crescent moon on one side and a fish on the other. A narrow path leading out of woodland is lined with plants and flowers. Rabbits, hedgehogs and other small creatures are dotted along the path. A fox sits at the far end. A large tree in full leaf looms overhead, and butterflies flit under the branches. Birds sing from the branches of another tree. Mountains and a rising sun can be seen in the distance.

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